The past month has been an ambitions one, full of connections, generosity, and experiential learning! The map below is a rough overview of my route to date. Since my last post, I crossed Sweden into Finland, delving deeper into the experience of Sauna.

Highlights of the past month include:

  • Visits with previous Valle Scholars in Stockholm and relatives in Toreboda! In Stockholm, I met with “Valle Friends” Andre, Tolla, and Hannah, visited KTH and ArkDes, and returned to several of my favorite spots in Stockholm (Woodland Cemetery, the Stockholm Public Library, bakeries, and more). My September route included taking a ferry to Finland. The Baltic Sea Ferries are more like cruise ships; they include saunas, restaurants, and more – and yes, I did “sauna” on the ferry! After travel around Finland, my route included a “loop” heading north over the Gulf of Bothnia and back into Sweden. On the second round, I met with relatives in Toreboda, checking in on a historic preservation project of the one-room “backstuga” that my great-great-great grandmother lived in.
  • (in progress!)