This site belongs to Jesce Walz, an M.Arch and MLA student at the University of Washington. This is a space where I share stories from academic research, process work and a portfolio, and occasional anecdotes from other interests.

My current research is focused on “sauna and public bath.” This investigation began in early 2017, when I was privileged to study in the Nordic countries via the Valle Scholarship and Scandinavian Exchange Program. The Valle Foundation recognizes the value of cultural exchange and academic exploration with grants for specific topics of study (mine being “sauna”).

I’m specifically interested in how the ancient ritual of public bathing provides contemporary space for sanctuary, and in turn improves systemic health (individual, social, ecological). This study will inform my thesis and ongoing work.

If you’ve found this site, I hope that some something I’ve shared might promote shared ritual, positive public space, and mindful design.